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July 22, 2021

Change Makers EPS 45: Craig Martin on The Good Road, TCK's, Bangkok, racism & LGBTQ+

Change Makers EPS 45: Craig Martin on The Good Road, TCK's, Bangkok, racism & LGBTQ+

As a TV and film producer, director, writer and editor, Craig has produced hundreds of projects, both long and short form. With a Master of Arts in Communications from Baylor University, he has explored a variety of formats including dramatic and journalistic storytelling with a focus on documentary. In addition to his film accomplishments, Craig has written multiple articles for national publications. He also won a national PBS Advertising & Promotion award and was a contributing finalist in a Pictures of the Year International award.

His work includes the feature-length docudrama The Insanity of God, distributed internationally by Word Films and screened on more than 500 theaters through Fathom Events. This film had a national theatrical release with a viewership of 88,000 and sold $1.2M in tickets. He is Executive Producer on Free Burma Rangers, a Fathom/LifeWay documentary that was screened in theaters nationally in February 2020. Currently, Craig is co-host and producer of the Emmy-nominated TV docu-series called The Good Road. This series explores the world of philanthropy and aired on Public Television in April 2020. It is presented by WETA in Washington, DC. Craig is also producing a podcast called Philanthropology and has written a book called Confessions of a Philanthropologist

Craig lives with his wife and twin 18-year-olds in Richmond, Virginia. He loves his family so much that he even agreed to be the PTSA President for his daughter’s public high school, Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. Now THAT is a commitment to family!

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