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Reviving the Original Context in His Second Testament Translation: A Conversation with Dr. Scot McKnight and Lori Adams-Brown

Goodness is vital in all areas of life, and the church should definitely be no exception. In our latest podcast episode, Dr. Scot McKnight and I discuss the value of congruence in ministry and how accurate interpretation of the Bible plays a role. L…

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Exploring Paul's Letters: A Conversation with Dr. Lynn Cohick and Lori Adams-Brown

In the latest episode of A World of Difference podcast, host Lori Adams-Brown is joined by Dr. Lynn Cohick to discuss her latest book, "Dictionary of Paul and His Letters," which she co-authored with Dr. Scott McKnight and Dr. Nijay Gupta.  &n…

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Why Sheila Wray Gregoire's Latest Book 'She Deserves Better' is a Must-Read for Every Parent

In the latest episode of A World of Difference Podcast, host Lori Adams-Brown had the pleasure of interviewing Sheila Wray Gregoire, an award-winning author and speaker who is passionate about changing the evangelical conversations about sex and mar…

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