For those who are different and want to make a difference.


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So grateful for this podcast!

As a former missionary, Lori brings highly necessary criticism of American predominantly white Evangelicalism. American Christianity cannot help but be shaped and formed by white, predominantly male European values. Lori’s voice and viewpoints are shaped by the faith and views of other cultures, which are present in America but generally drowned out by the loudest voices in white Evangelicalism. Having worked and been deeply involved/invested in an American mega church, she is also uniquely poised to be able to speak to the toxic behaviors she experienced there. Behaviors that are often not visible to those on the outside or attend more casually but still have just as big of an impact.

Great host!

I really enjoyed being a guest on the show. Lori does a wonderful job of leading the conversation keeping her audience in mind.

Stories that are making a difference!

Listening and learning from all of the unique perspectives each week is always a highlight of my week. Lori does a great job of challenging us to think differently and get outside of our comfort zones to make a difference in our world.

Great podcast!

I really enjoy this podcast! The host has traveled all over and you’ll listen to really relevant , thought provoking discussions!

Best new podcast of 2020

The discussions on these podcasts are real, relevant, and relatable. Looking forward to many, many more episodes.

Love this podcast!!!!

This podcast is led by someone who has some amazing experiences growing up in Venezuela and then working in Indonesia and Singapore for 20 years. She is an excellent communicator and story teller. Love this podcast!

One of my favorite podcasts

I love this idea and the discussions Would 100% recommend it